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The Tisio 96 is our newest line of Thin Clients, running Linux, Windows CE

or Windows XP Embedded. The Tisio Thin Client products provide high performance access to server-based applications over RDP and ICA protocols, and include local web browser, audio input and output and a range of local peripheral connectivity options. Tisio devices come with a mouse and power supply; keyboards and monitors not included.

Please select one of these listed products to see the full specifications: Tisio 96CE Tisio 96XP, or Tisio 96LX.

Tisio 96 Thin Client
Part No. Description
Tisio 96 Desktop Thin Client: 1GHz, WinCE, 512MB RAM, 512 MB Flash & Mouse. The Tisio 96CE runs Windows CE, providing traditional Windows Based Terminal connectivity to Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix ICA sessions.
Tisio 96 Desktop Thin Client: 1GHz, WinXPE, 512MB RAM, 512 MB Flash & Mouse. The Tisio 96XP runs Windows XPe, providing the most flexibility in running both local applications, server based applications and full web browser multi-media support.
Tisio 96 Desktop Thin Client: 1GHz, Linux, 512MB RAM, 512 MB Flash & Mouse. The Tisio 96LX runs Linux Embedded, providing connectivity through local clients allowing it to connect to Open Source Server components such as X11 Xorg, VMware virtual desktop, Connection Brokers and proprietary servers Citrix Systems & MS Terminal Services.
PC-101 Keyboard USA, color black Tisio 96 Keyboard
Wireless USB Network for Tisio 96 series Tisio 96 USB Wireless
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