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About ThinPATH Systems, Inc

Founded in 2004, ThinPATH Systems, Inc. is a growing provider of server- and web-based computing solutions. In addition to developing and marketing its own thin-client hardware and software products, ThinPATH Systems is licensed to develop, sell and maintain the software products from Network Computing Devices, Inc (NCD). The Thinfrastructure products comprise thin-client information access and management software that deliver a richer end-user experience with a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The products deliver high performance, easy-to-manage, cost-effective user access to information and applications on enterprise networks and intranets.


ThinPATH Systems has developed the Tisio line of desktop and mobile thin clients and control software designed to leverage the benefits of server-based computing. With our many years of experience, low overhead and overseas development centers, we are able to bring you some of the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.


The following software products continue to be enhanced and are sold direct and through select resellers:

ThinPATH PC - ThinPATH PC provides a cost-effective migration strategy to use existing PCs as a transition towards server-based computing for applications that are available via Microsoft Terminal Services, Citrix MetaFrame or a web server. Systems administrators also have the flexibility to allow access to locally installed PC applications and devices via the dedicated user interfaces available.

ThinPATH Portal - Together with Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame, ThinPATH Portal delivers the greatest flexibility and control in server-based computing for thin-client devices. Available for use with PCs, ThinSTARs and Neoware Windows-based terminals, ThinPATH Portal dramatically improves manageability and extends the functionality of desktop devices.

PC-Xware - PC-Xware crosses many of the largest network hurdles, allowing you to view and work simultaneously in UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows environments. With PC-Xware, integrate X11 applications with the Windows desktop, select a window manager of choice, and easily cut-and-paste between windows. PC-Xware, based on the powerful X11R6 server software, moves your PC beyond the realm of purely windowing to a fully integrated environment.


With our legacy of over a million thin client devices installed and over 2 billion hours of NCD software use by customers, you can count on the reliability and quality of these products and our long experience with them.


ThinPATH Systems' MISSION is to deliver software solutions that enhance the user's experience, advance administrative control and lower total cost of ownership in the client server-based computing environment.

ThinPATH Systems, Inc. At-a-Glance

Headquarters: Tualatin, Oregon
Sales model:Select systems integrators, value added resellers, original equipment manufacturers and direct.
ThinPATH Systems Inc.

ThinPATH Systems Inc. is an innovative developer and manufacturer of thin client software technology solutions. We are focused on Thinfrastructure: smart and effective access to server-based computing for well controlled information access and desktop management.

ThinPATH products "thin-ify" traditional PCs, offering the highest degree of flexibility and reliability for the desktop deployment of mission-critical enterprise applications while offering the lowest cost of ownership and complementing dedicated thin-client hardware.

ThinPATH Systems Products

Tisio Thin Clients - Truly affordable desktop and mobile thin client devices and associate management software satisfying all of today's requirements for thin-client computing.

ThinPATH PC - A cost-effective product to "thin-ify" and control existing PCs for improved desktop management and lowered TCO in server-based computing environments.

ThinPATH Portal - The most flexible management software solution solves access, configuration and update problems of ThinPATH PC, NCD ThinSTAR terminals and other thin client devices.

ThinPATH PC-Xware - Provides easy access to UNIX and Linux server-based-computing applications by integrating your X11 applications seamlessly with your traditional Windows applications.

ThinPATH Plus - Offers port mapping, audio and local disk access over RDP connections to Windows 2000 Terminal Services based applications.

LEGACY NCD PRODUCT SUPPORT - ThinPATH Systems Inc. is committed to providing past NCD customers with products and support. Our goal is to continue to provide:

  • NCD hardware products, parts, service and support
  • NCD software products and support, including NCBridge and NCDware
  • Custom configurations for Fisher-Rosemount, DEC VMS
  • Upgrades for legacy NCD products